Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cataloging my Addiction: Fall/Winter Pickups (pt. 2)

I've previously featured my clothing items in my last post,"Fall/Winter Pickups (pt. 1)", so if you haven't seen it already, go check it out! (And I apologize in advance for not taking better care of my shoes!)
Black satchel: Forever21

During the holidays, Forever21 was having an amazing 50% off all bags and shoes. I've been looking for a good bag for a while; something with structure and a sleek appearance. The shoulder strap is a good length and is adjustable and the bag itself is just big enough to hold everything I need (i.e. wallet, keys, water, lip balm, etc.).

Wedged platform booties: Charlotte Russe
Now, I love Charlotte Russe shoes, but I actually somewhat regret buying these... It was during their BOGO for $5 on Black Friday, and when I couldn't find the other pair that I wanted, I bought these anyways. Shame on me for impulse shopping...

Black "Desert Cool Booties": Forever21
Me and a friend went down to the Strip to look around the Forever21 at Fashion Show Mall. I already had my eyes on the chocolate colored pair of these shoes online, but of course they were out of my size in-store...but luckily, I ran into these black ones - the LAST size 6 they had, and to my surprise, all shoes in the store were 50% and I snagged these for 13 bucks!

Chocolate "Desert Cool Booties": Forever21
After getting the black ones, I knew I just had to have the chocolate ones too. I need more brown shoes anyways, all my shoes are black! In fact, I hadn't even made it home before I ordered these online at, of all places, Taco Bell... but sadly, the 50% off shoes deal wasn't online.

Black wedged booties: Target
It was my mom who actually got me these shoes at Target for only $10! I actually wear these quite often. They're comfortable enough to wear to school on a regular basis without killing my feet, so that's a plus.

Tan wedged booties: Target
Just like the previous pair, my mom also got these for me at Target, and with the original price being $30 each, $20 total for both pairs is practically a steal. 

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