Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monday Fundays

Surprised to see me? Yeah, me too..
Yes, it's been way too long! But with school and work taking over my life, I hope I'll be forgiven for this hiatus.

This past Monday, I had an amazing day with a couple of my closest friends, and what better way to return than with an all around feel-good-day recap!
Our lives have definitely been busy lately, so being able to spend a whole day catching up and relaxing together is a day well spent.

For lunch, we decided that we'd head on over to Settebello Pizzeria located in the District. It was Tiffanie and I's first time there and it was, for lack of a better phrase, the bombdiggity, and really there's no better way to carry on storytelling than over pizza.

Sydney taking pictures of the menu, and Tiffanie staring intently at her bag.

For our appetizer, we decided on the Focaccia, a flat bread with garlic and other seasonings. I swear, I could probably munch on this forever.

Focaccia $5.00
As for our main dish, we ordered the Genovese, and let me just say that I can't describe with words how satisfied we were. We actually almost ordered a second helping, but with our wallets in mind, we refrained from doing so. 

Genovese $14.00
After stuffing ourselves with delicious food and making a quick Target run, we drove all the way across town to finally sit down at Serenade, a Korean tea and coffee house that everyone's been talking about. I've been here once before, and I'm glad I got to go again with these two. One thing the three of us raved about all day was interior design and this place really fed our obsession for the day. 

Serenade layout

Seriously, I loved this window art and it made for such a nice atmosphere.
Aren't my friends so cute?

Sydney and I both ordered a Cafe Mocha (his looked better).
After doing some shopping at the mall and browsing through books at Barnes & Noble, we called it a night and all headed home.
This was the day much needed that got me back in the swing of things (blogging things that is), and now I can say that you can expect more out of this blog. Now with that said, make sure to check back soon for new content!

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  1. YOU FINALLY POSTED AGAIN!!!! I think the Pizza was called Genovese if memory serves right. I LOVE YOU