Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cataloging my Addiction: Fall/Winter Pickups (pt. 1)

Since I've started working at the mall again at the end of 2013, I've constantly been surrounded by temptation to do nothing but shop, shop, and shop some more, and with Spring just around the corner, I figured that this would be the perfect time to make this post. So here I am cataloging my Fall/Winter pickups over the past few months. I put them in chronological order as best as I could...heh.

Hi-low black dress: H&M 
I saw this dress in the recently-opened H&M at the mall I work at and instantly felt the need to call it mine. It was a hi-low dress and although I was in love with hi-low just months before, I wasn't really feeling it so I simply just pinned up the back. (It's not on the mannequin because it wouldn't fit without the dress ripping, so...)

Burgundy dress w/ sweetheart neckline: H&M 
This was around the time when H&M was beginning their huge holiday sale. Snagged this dress for $10! (Even though at the time it was still marked 12 or 15 dollars.)

Cropped denim jacket: H&M
White sheer tribal crop top: H&M
Teal V-neck knit sweater | Red scoop-neck knit sweater: H&M
I needed something red to wear to work, (red and black was our Holiday spirit day) and when I saw "BUY ONE GET ONE ALL SWEATERS", I just had to.

Cobalt blue dress: Forever21 
Finally, something not from H&M. Of course being as tiny as I am, and Forever21 sizes often running big, it wasn't a perfect fit, but it was pretty darn close. A few amateur alterations here and there and it fit me perfectly!

Paneled patterned dress: H&M
Another sale dress pricing at $10 that I thought would be nice if I ever had a business casual event or something of the sort. It's a size 4, also meaning too big for me, but nothing a few easy alterations couldn't fix. I've already marked it all out and everything, but still as of today, I haven't found the time to finish it.

Black mesh knitted sweater: H&M
Blue polka dot crop top: Forever 21
Blue/grey speckled cardigan: Forever 21
Black basic circle skirt: H&M
Brown anorak jacket w/ pleather sleeves: Forever21
Loose pink T-shirt: Wet Seal
Speckled Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
This is pretty much my go-to lazy outfit. You can tell how much I wear this shirt by how wrinkled it is (whoops). And I absolutely love Charlotte Russe cardigans.

Burgundy/navy/cream flannel: Forever21
Black/white speckled sweater: American Eagle
Me being the cheapie that I am, I normally don't shop at American Eagle. I love their clothes, but I usually don't get anything. So when they had their Additional 50% Off sale, I knew I had to jump while I could. And I'm glad I did because this sweater is so comfy!

Loose black crop top: Forever21
Cream sweater: Forever21
Army green anorak jacket w/ hood: Forever21
Compared to the other one I bought, (earlier in this post) this one fits so much nicer and the gigantic hood is a nice touch in my opinion. This is one of my favorite pieces to layer with (esp. with flannels).

Red/navy/cream flannel: Forever21
Black/white floral pants: H&M
I've really been into floral prints lately, so in preparations for the spring, I felt that these were completely necessary.

And so this concludes part 1 of my three-part Fall/Winter pickups! Don't worry, parts 2 and 3 will be a whole lot shorter, I promise. To reduce super long posts like this, I'll probably be doing these more frequently because I'm pretty sure I'll still be shopping now that Spring is almost here, so keep an eye out for those!

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