Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday Tiffanie!

Oh what a day it was. Today (or technically yesterday), was my best friend's 19th birthday. So if you haven't already, go wish Tiffanie a happy (belated) birthday! 

Tiffanie and I go WAY back. All the way back to fourth grade! That's over 9 years of friendship right there, and honestly, I don't know what I'd do without her. So here's to you, Tiff, and I hope that you had fun today (:

We started the day at around 3:30pm at the park and soon after, we headed down to China Town for some Korean BBQ at Honey Pig, which was pretty damn good if you ask me. 

Here's a couple shots from Honey Pig (taken on my Instax Mini8) - me and the birthday girl with another three of our close friends (from left to right), Kevin, Kyle, and (we call him) Q. 

Our original plan was to sing our hearts out at Karaoke Q, but sadly that plan fell through, but that's okay because there's no better replacement than laughing our asses off over boba milk tea at Fresh Cup Cafe and just enjoying each other's company.

It was still only around 8:00 by the time we left, so after making a quick stop at CVS, we were on our way to see Kyle's new house. Kyle's place has always been a place to just hang out in the past, so this brought back a lot of good memories from way back when. It wasn't long after that a few more of our good buddies came knocking.

Things are never boring whenever Vince, Kevin, Kela, and Zijie are involved, and it just so happens that these crazy guys are awesome at free-styling so make sure to check Tiffanie's YouTube channel later on for a video here (check out her amazing videos too!). And thanks again to Zijie for pitying me for my lack of red envelopes for Chinese New Year LOL.

And of course, we've got the best picture of the night - the birthday girl with some of the best, and most hilarious friends you could ever ask for.


Outfit of the Day: 2.2.14


It was actually pretty cold today. Last week it was in the seventies and now it's in the fifties! Seriously the weather here is completely bipolar. Well at least I dressed appropriately for these chilly days. Honestly I'm kind of glad that this week is a little colder because nothing's better than layering in winter days in my opinion, and I really wanted more chances to wear this jacket again.

  • Jacket: Forever21
  • Sweater: Forever21 (Sale)
  • Jeans: Pacsun
  • Shoes: Target (Sale)
  • Watch: Target

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